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Founded in Christ

Our mission is to be connected by love to God through worship, connect to one another through ministry, reach out to others with the Gospel through missions, love one another in fellowship, and teach and learn from one another as Christ followers.

Image by Daoudi Aissa


Here at Arbor, we value Real and Personal encounters with God, the nurturing of an intentional process to develop our faith, the Bible as our authority for faith and its practice, people who have not yet come to know Jesus as their Savior, the encouragement of fellow Christians who accept us where we are in life, the uniqueness of each other’s abilities and spiritual gifts, and being the best people we can be serving the Lord Jesus Christ with the best effort we have.
Our Vision is to be a church where worship makes sense, is uplifting, and draws us into a God encounter. To be a congregation where teaching and using the Bible permeates every ministry. To be a fellowship where small groups form the basis for growing Christians, and caring for one another. Providing worship and praise services which intentionally connect people to Christ and to each other. To be a loving family that serves as a hospital for the spiritually wounded. To be community where every member is offered the opportunity to use his or her gifts and talents. To be THE church that reaches beyond itself with the love of Christ. A church that’s right for you.

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